Abyss Creations LLC

The Realdoll was introduced in 1997 by Abyss Creations LLC. It's creation spawned an entirely new market: The high end love doll. Although there were doll manufacturers at the time, no one had ever infused the concept of a sexually usable doll with true artistry and engineering. Since it's inception, Realdoll has established itself as the highest quality doll of it's kind, and has consistently innovated over the years, regularly raising the bar for all other manufacturers worldwide. Abyss Creations has primarily operated on a small business model from one location in Southern California since it's formation and is ready to expand to key global locations.

Realbotix LLC

The Realbotix team began work on creating a modular robotic head and customizable AI Application to run it in 2014. The core members of the company produced several proof of concept models, continued to iterate on design and the group formally became an LLC in early 2017. The first use case for Realbotix technology utilized the Realdoll as a vehicle and as a result received heavy media attention from mainstream outlets all over the world. Realbotix intends to focus on continuing intense aggressive development on both hardware and software to create modular humanoid robot systems for use in multiple applications.


Anthropomorphic Figure Dynamics, or AFD for short, was formed in early 2017 to focus on creating realistic silicone figures and skins for  medical training and simulation. AFD has done some preliminary contract work with education agencies and has several ongoing projects on the horizon. By approaching these figures with the same high level of workmanship and detail, higher quality and more accurate simulations in field training can be possible. Figures equipped with diagnostic equipment can be used to gather data, and animated figures can be used to enhance the realism of training exercises.