Growth and Scaling strategy

Realdoll: The Core

The key component of our strategy lies in the fact that our subsidiaries are intertwined; What benefits one benefits all of them in various ways, through intra-company business and technology sharing.

Abyss Creations, Simulacra's flagship company, has been operating on a small business model for over 20 years. It manufactures nearly all aspects of it's product lines in house, and ships worldwide from one location. While Abyss does have a growing network of affiliates and international representatives, we feel it is time to expand and scale our operations.

With the recent addition of Realbotix technology, the need to grow has become obvious, and the likelihood of successfully scaling the business is convincingly high. Additionally, we now have key staff in place and have implemented training techniques that we feel can be easily brought to a larger scale.

Proposed plans for expansion and diversification

  • Establish a presence in key locations globally, starting with China. The Chinese doll market is magnitudes larger than the US domestic market, and social acceptance of doll ownership is much higher. The population is disproportionately male, and very favorable to the synthetic companion concept. Realdoll has not even scratched the surface of this market, and our products are vastly superior in quality. Establishment of a Chinese facility will also allow saving costs on component manufacture for Realdoll globally, and will create a new hub for shipping international sales. 
  • Open the world's first high end Real Sex Robot brothel. Coupling the technologies being developed by Realbotix with the well known brand and artistry of Realdoll, we believe we can create an experience like no other, catering to those looking for a truly remarkable adventure that was never before possible. The location, design, and marketing of this destination would be slick, futuristic and sexy. Not to be confused with media hype in recent days, this brothel would be unique and above all else, the real deal. Potential first locations for this would be Las Vegas or Vancouver. Based on proof of concept results, this aspect of the business could be easily scaled or even franchised.
  • Aggressively pursue the Medical simulation market with AFD. Use the same methodology behind Realdoll fabrication to create the worlds most realistic medical simulation of the human body. This technology can be used in manufacturing body parts, dental training heads, and medical training and data acquisition.